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You may receive an application as a first step in the process of becoming a formal Associate of the Lean Diagnostics Institute (LDI). This application will become part of your private and confidential dossier.


Your application does not assure a future relationship, however it does begin to provide LDI with a reference to fill current or future needs with ‘qualified’ and ‘interested’ persons. This association is not a commitment, rather an expression of interest and qualification.

Associates of the Lean Diagnostics Institute are required to be financially solvent, professionally competent and ethical, as well as personally agreeable as a representative of LDI.  Compensation packages are quite lucrative but require the Associate to be responsible and professional in the management and control of non-related expenses such as travel and lodging.

To receive your simple, 12 question, electronic application for Associate of Lean Diagnostics Institute please use the Email function at the bottom of this page to make that request. Your application will come to your return email address within 24 hours.


  1. Dara Hatten
    Jan 24, 2013


    I enjoyed your presentation today on the Future of Lean Technology and how specifically your research identified the perceived lack-of focus on quality. The topic was highly interesting to me, coming from Pratt & Whitney (ACE) and knowing that ACE under PWR was previously an element of the Quality department and over time they specifically separated it (budgetary and resources )- Seems contrary to what you suggest should happen. Interesting thoughts !

    If possible I would like to opportunity to receive your 12-question application referenced on this site. I appreciate your time.

  2. Jeff zhou
    Jan 11, 2012
    our company is practicing lean for quite a few years and i am interested in SMITH CQ

    • mat
      Feb 29, 2012

      Jeff – You left a comment regarding SMITH CQ on my website last month. Please, did you find what you wanted? If not please advise that I might be of further assistance.

      Sincere, M. James Allen (Jim)

  3. Jeff zhou
    Jan 11, 2012

    very interested in SMITH CQ

  4. Robert Reid
    Nov 18, 2011

    Thanks Jim for the invite. I really like the graphics on your site, looking forward to discovering what lies beneath.

    Robert Reid

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