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There are several paid membership levels for subscription to this website. Each has its own special benefits related to access and level of service from the Lean Diagnostics Institute.

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General (Free) Membership

For those of you who are uncertain, or just beginning your Lean journey we recommend the General Free Membership which allows:

  • General access to the site including the LDI Services page allowing for your review and selection of individual SMITH CQ Lean Assessments to develop your going forward strategy;
  • A level of customization to your Lean journey through LDI Services as well as discounts on Lean Games & Simulation offerings;
  • Discounted Annual LDI Conference Fees and lodging expenses;
  • Free links to an assortment of Industry and Academic sites for the promotion of your Financial and Lean journey.

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LDI Report & Newsletter Membership

Newsletter subscription includes introduction and detailed information regarding how finances respond to Lean transformation. Cost: $9.95 per month. At this level of Membership you will receive your monthly LDI Report & Newsletter by e-Mail on or about the 1st of every month for which you hold an active subscription.

Featured Publication Membership

LDI offers exclusive access to background and training materials, industry resource information, and private publications from our founder, Dr. M. James Allen. These publications are featured as a monthly offering. Cost: $120.00 for 12 monthly Issues. Remember, your Featured Publication Membership also includes the LDI Report & Newsletter for Free!

Client Membership

Each LDI Client engaged in Lean Events is granted exclusive and confidential access to pre-work, event, and fearless follow up postings on the Lean Diagnostics Institute website. These contain essential information, action item tracking sheets and training materials for the Lean transformation. Cost: $695.00 per year for 24/7 access. As before, a Client Membership also includes Featured Publication and LDI Report & Newsletter for Free!

LDI 9000+ Certification Program Membership

If you wish to Fast Track your company’s journey you might consider this top level of subscription. Yes, and it also includes the privileges of Client, Featured Publication, and LDI Report & Newsletter Memberships for Free!

The LDI 9000+ certification program is a 12 month exclusive offering of the Lean Diagnostics Institute and represents our effort to bring your company to the highest standards of Lean and Financial Performance as recognized by LDI.

The cost of total cultural transformation into a truly Lean enterprise may be substantial. That is the reason why LDI developed the SMITH CQ sequence of Lean initiatives. This sequence has been proven by academic research and practical application to bring the financial benefits of Lean transformation to the bottom-line of your company’s financial statement faster than any other.

A proper roadmap for that transformation, as well as its true and timely recognition, is offered by LDI through its LDI 9000+ Certification program.

a.  As a prerequisite to LDI 9000+ Certification your company must hold current certification to International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2008, or equal, by industry, as determined by accredited third party audit within 3 years of application for LDI 9000+ Certification.

b. The company must also have completed a successful Lean transformation whose standards are defined by the Lean Diagnostics Institute based on the five (5) elements of SMITH CQ.

c. The company must have demonstrated significant financial and performance improvements over a 12 month period as audited by LDI for compliance with the tenants of SMITH CQ including financial health, customer satisfaction, and Lean cultural transformation.

Before application to enter the LDI 9000+ Certification program:

Here’s a reminder of what you need to consider:

  1. Your company must be in compliance with the ISO9000 requirement as referenced above before the final LDI 9000+ Certification can be issued.
  2. Take the full set of 5 SMITH CQ Financial & Lean Assessments to define your overall individual transformation roadmap as noted above.

LDI 9000+ Certification program benefit & cost elements:

Once you have enrolled in the LDI 9000+ certification program membership you will gain considerable savings and benefits associated with entering the program. These include:

  • Full credit to your account of the cost of the 5 pre-required SMITH CQ Lean Assessments. This is $1,950 for all 5 assessments and is a 22% savings over the individual assessment totals of $2,500.
  • The benefit and cost savings associated with a properly planned and sequenced Lean transformation. This overall roadmap is a plan designed to facilitate your transformation without wasted effort and resources usually associated with “spot” initiatives based on opinion rather than data.
  • You will have free and unfettered access to all training materials, games, simulation materials, and any additional LDI Financial & Lean assessments for 12 full months after enrollment.
  • Free quarterly LDI 9000+ program maintenance audits for 12 full months including 3 Free Executive Consultations.
  • Free 24/7 access to your own personalized pre-work, event and fearless follow up secure web pages for tracking your Action Items and progress in the program.
  • 3 Free refresher training sessions to be certain of customized knowledge transfer.
  • Upon certification you will be eligible for Free lodging and 100% waiver of conference fees for 3 persons at any one of several scheduled Annual LDI Conferences.
  • Free customized advertising space on our website, once certified. This is designed to recognizes the achievement and the new future for your company.
  • 50% discount on the successful formal LDI 9000+ Certification 3 to 5 day audit.
  • Enjoy priority scheduling status for timely LDI services.

Of course, no program can guarantee your performance unless adequately and eagerly engaged. LDI is responsible for providing you with the best in training and implementation assistance, however your company is responsible for timely and responsible execution along the way.

The cost of enrollment into the program is dependent upon the results of your SMITH CQ Lean Assessments.

The scope and therefore the cost of the certification program is customized to the results of your SMITH CQ assessments. The degree to which you succeed in reaching LDI 9000+ Certification will depend largely upon the accuracy and honesty with which those assessments are completed. An honest and realistic set of assessments gives you the best opportunity to reach a timely certification. Generally, the cost estimate for LDI 9000+ Certification is based on what these assessments say you need.

If you elect to formally enter the program the terms and conditions for these LDI services usually stipulate that 50% of the total estimated cost is due at enrollment into the program with the prorated balance to be paid on a quarterly basis over the following 12 months. These terms and conditions are spelled out clearly in the Accord agreement for your signature at the time of enrollment.

To begin your subscription to the LDI 9000+ Certification program please

  1. Establish a plan for compliance with the ISO9000 requirements referenced above then
  2. Subscribe to the LDI 9000+ Certification subscription membership level (a $2,500 value) and order any or all 5 of the SMITH CQ Lean Assessments listed below:
  • LDI  Strategic Planning Assessment
  • LDI  Mass Customization Assessment
  • LDI  Inventory Assessment
  • LDI  Teamwork & Human Resources Assessment
  • LDI  Commitment to Quality Assessment

Order these assessments for the special price of $1,950.00, review the detailed results to establish your going forward plan, then contact LDI, execute an Accord to establish cost and schedule and then begin your Lean journey to LDI 9000+ Certification.

If, for any reason, you decide not to pursue LDI 9000+ Certification after entering the program but would find it beneficial to continue using LDI services for events and training, simply change your membership status through PayPal to the Client level and we shall proceed without certification.



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