Lean Diagnostics Institute
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You have reached an exclusive website for industry leaders, members and executives whose primary duty is the fiduciary fiat of shareholder trust.

All activities and initiatives promoted by the Lean Diagnostics Institute (LDI) are confidential and require strict security considerations to protect the competitive edge.

LDI provides confidential assessment, research, analysis, advice, and hands-on implementation for the practical transformation of your business into a fully integrated Lean enterprise.

The following unsolicited testimonials

represent expectations that drive constant improvement initiatives at the Lean Diagnostics Institute:

The transformation of our company into a truly Lean enterprise is possible due to the LDI focus on financial improvement.
LDI not only concentrates on the simple and the complex Lean initiatives to help us transform but keeps us focused on “why” and “when” they are best done.
The Lean Diagnostics Institute helps us plan our growth strategies from a financial perspective and helps us achieve “bottom-line” results in lightening fast time.
[Due to LDI guidance]… we’ve stopped wasting our resources on “spot” improvements and focused on the total transformation of our company in a way that pays back that effort right away…

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